My name is Chiu Tuen Ming Dicky and I am a secondary teacher in a catholic boy’s school. I teach F3-5 mathematics and A. Maths.. Actually, I love my teaching very much and I think that teaching is meaningful. I not only teach students knowledge but also influence their growth positively. Meanwhile, I can develop the friendship with students and this kind of satisfaction can’t be got in many other professions.

Friday, June 16, 2006

reflectin on session 2

" Visuals can present data, information, reality, knowledge, ideas, emotions,… " is the most impressive sentence I learnt in this session. Actually, the traditional learning can't "cater" the need of students now. Reading book can no longer motivate or inspire students' thinking. With the help of ICT, vedio and story-telling software are not difficult to be produced and they can brainstorm the students effectively. Above all, students can find learning enjoyable, no long boring. This, in turn, makes the learning far more effective and fruitful, and students can equip themselves well to face the challenges in this "knowledge era".


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