My name is Chiu Tuen Ming Dicky and I am a secondary teacher in a catholic boy’s school. I teach F3-5 mathematics and A. Maths.. Actually, I love my teaching very much and I think that teaching is meaningful. I not only teach students knowledge but also influence their growth positively. Meanwhile, I can develop the friendship with students and this kind of satisfaction can’t be got in many other professions.

Friday, June 16, 2006

My reflection on session 4

In this session, I came across a lot of interesting interactive software. The most impressive one is "Iran Map" which I posted on my Blog previously and I will show them to my students later on. I always think that map and atlas are very boring and I never take a look at them more than 5 minutes. But when I tried the Iran Map, I really found it very interesting and kept surfing more information about the whole country Iran. It is incredible that a map is no longer boring at all and I can learn a lot about the country Iran in a very short time. How can learning be interesting and fruitful??
In the later part of this session, I also tried many sotware with the explaination of the leacturer. They are really inspiring and I should take a look at my teaching at a different angle from now on....


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