My name is Chiu Tuen Ming Dicky and I am a secondary teacher in a catholic boy’s school. I teach F3-5 mathematics and A. Maths.. Actually, I love my teaching very much and I think that teaching is meaningful. I not only teach students knowledge but also influence their growth positively. Meanwhile, I can develop the friendship with students and this kind of satisfaction can’t be got in many other professions.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The beginning of Mite 6323

--What have you learnt in the first lesson of this module?

I find some interactive visual software interesting and I wonder in the HK education system, how we can integrate those softwares in our teaching to arouse the learning motivation of students. Actually, students can learn a lot through the visual media and thus enhance thier motivation to learn. Sometimes, we can provide some interactive activities for the students to learn and build up their knowledge. Besides, teachers can no longer be the intructors and knowledge-feeder. Instead, teachers should be the facilitators.

--What do you hope to learn in this module?

To learn how interactive visual activities helps the learning of the students and how students can benefit from these kinds of activities. Besides, I hope this module can change my teaching paradign to more constructivism approaches .

--Do you think that interactive visual representations are important for education?

Sure. Interactive visual representations are very impressive and interesting. It surely arouses the learning motivation among students.

--Let us have one slide/image that introduces your.

----Unpredictable. Every is unpredictable.....


At 8:54 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

Hi Dickens,

You kike to reflect and write. This is great. Have you created a representation to intorduce yourself. Let's start thinking about creating more visual information to include in your blog.


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