My name is Chiu Tuen Ming Dicky and I am a secondary teacher in a catholic boy’s school. I teach F3-5 mathematics and A. Maths.. Actually, I love my teaching very much and I think that teaching is meaningful. I not only teach students knowledge but also influence their growth positively. Meanwhile, I can develop the friendship with students and this kind of satisfaction can’t be got in many other professions.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

feedback to gp 6 weblog


Basically the content is rich and abundant. It cater for learning diversity and is student-directed. The focus is aim at primary school students and is in the topic of computer hardware , application and even life sills, such as asking students to shop for computer equipment as one of the final tasks.

Format & Layout

The format is systematic, clear and thoughtful. They make full use of the hyperlink functions to extend or compromise the limitation of the Weblogs. They have put a flowchart (graphical representation) in the beginning as users’ or learners’ guideline which is very effective especially for primary students.

Educational value

Educational value is a must and assured. The content can cater of different level of students and arouse collaborative learning. Peer tutoring and peer evaluation are promoted at every authentic tasks. It promotes the paradigm shift from teachers to students as students are asked to follow the Weblog information (i.e. ebook) and instruction and complete the tasks by themselves. It realizes the concept of learning to learn.

Group Development Process

Every group starts to work for the Weblogs from the very beginning. Specialization and division of labor can be seen form the outcomes. Every member acquires the skills for constructing the Weblogs, such as hot potates and production of multimedia. Their efforts are appreciated.

session 4-paradigm shift

What is the impact of ICT on student’s learning in Hong Kong?
In the past, students acquire knowledge from teachers and solve defined problems. Teachers give instructional tasks and monitor the progress of their students. Besides, no ICT is used in isolated classroom teaching and student learning. Students used to follow instructions and listen to teachers. Students are assessed with written exams and closed ended questions. The learning is confined to inside classroom. Time is limited to the duration of a lesson.

As ICT introduces in curriculum, students acquire the skill for lifelong learning. These skills include self-management skill, presentation skill, ICT skills, and critical thinking and communication skills. Students need to decide what to learn and how to learn by gathering and processing information. The learning source is multidisciplines which include: Internet, CDROM, Knowledge forum, simulation tools and etc. More learning tools are available for students to build their knowledge such as mindtool and datalogging tools. Advanced technology enables students to learn outside the boundary of classroom. With wireless network, students can have lessons in real life setting. The learning outcome is measured by project based assessment and school based assessment. The evaluation consists of peer evaluation as well as teacher’s comment.

Does the student’s role need to change in Hong Kong?
Yes. Students have to be more self-motivated and self-discipline.

If so what can you do to help with the might you help this paradigm shift?
Teachers should support and encourage team building & collaborative process such as project-based group assignments. Also, teachers should mediate communications between students & experts so as to let students to build their own knowledge. More simulation/modeling software should be introduced to students and employed in teaching . Purpose designed software as mindtool for specific purposes should be adopted. In some science experiments, datalogging tools can be used to illustrate and interpret the results in more interactive ways.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Flexible Learning in Hong Kong

What can you do to provide this?

-what are the possible components of flexible learning?
Good culture on using ICT in schools
Well-trained teachers
Good network systems in the community or classroom

-how do you teach using a flexible learning environment?

By the technology of the ICT, we can create an WebCT platform and the learners can construct their knowledge by themselves. We can provide some guidance to help the learners to build up their knowledge through the WWW, software or group discussion.

-how does the learner learn? What skills does the learner need to learn successfully in a flexible environment?

The learners learn through the discussion group, knowledge forum, e-mail, searching on the WWW. The learners should possess critical mind, basic ICT knowledge, motivation, cooperation and good communication skills.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Session 5
What I have learnt?
PC tablet is a very useful device in learning. It helps in organising and collecting information. Besides, we can write anything on it anytime and anywhere.

From the Video, smarter not harder, the ICT can helps in the teaching and the role of the taechers is changing as students can learn on their own.

What do I know?
The role of the teachers is changing. In the past, teacher is the knowledge transmitter and the students are only receivers. This was the instructivism learning. But now, teachers are only facilitators and catalysts and students can learn by themselves with the help of the ICT. Students can learning at their own pace and search the required knowledge through the WWW so on. This is the constructivism.

What do I want to know?
In Hong Kong, the education system focus on the publec exams very much. With the help and the popularity of the ICT, how can we change the whole education system more students-centred and less exam-oriented.